Lady of Auras

3-D Mist - DopePicz Pink and Purple Fire

Purple, pink wisp, formless gaseous whirls,
flowing into shape, of feminine curves.
She seems familiar, the high cheek bones.

I know of such one, met in slumber.
Aura within rainbow of auras, eyes smile.
Acquaintance brief, of lucid dreams.
One be-known, Lady of Auras…

#dreams #awaken #poetry #micropoetry

Lady of Auras By Pierre Novaeu – September 2015


It’s been more than 2 years since I published words to share.
I finally found inspiration to write to completion.
I hope I have not lost my edge so here goes…

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Gratefully, Pierre N xoxoxo


Embraces, comfort and safe; at peace with one’s fears


#micropoetry #safe

By Pierre Novaeu – novatwitman, January 2013

Ref picture: “Beauty and the Beast” as retold by Max Eilenberg (pub. 2006)



Sways, milky freckle smiles in her eyes,
happy red lips peeks joy
under the rhythmic spotlight strobe and disco globe.

Delirium of inner sensuality and innocence.
She floats nymph-like across the water lily dance floor,
reminisce to 70s’then 80s’ambience.

Such loveliness as the Moon glows her reddish shoulder length hair
as she strolls with visceral sanguine and
transforms into a princess.

An unexpected fairy tale relived on a Friday night out,
A momentary joy before we parted…

By Pierre Novaeu, October 2012

P/S: I am inspired to write poetry/prose every now and then.
This one is dedicated to a friend name J.

Thank you J:-)



Neglect a friend, nurture as stranger
and Fade shall claim it’s eventual place…

By Pierre Novaeu September 2012

Prose – Ironic

Words are sacred to her, venerated and cherished.

I understand too well, words are gifts; parcels of feelings and thoughts.
And now, she dispense singular gestures – empty token vessels for me

I free myself, turn away and wish her well…

unreconciled our history.

Shattered, free-fall into the abyss, an origin somewhere in the noisey crowd.
I know, I’m in good company; white noise of smiles and conversations,
the odd friend waves, mostly strangers.

I choose; lost in the depths of sifting sands to search familiar.

Somewhere private where my shadow hides;  demonic other.
This is where words soar, my voice winged pass the celestial …
rediscover terra, feel ubiquitous jealousy and paroxysm.


By Pierre Novaeu – copyright August 2012

FiveSentenceFiction – Engulf

#Engulf #Smut #Interview

She described cordially, in vivid details, her liking to please, engulfing him entirely – skull-fuck.

Curious, I had to clarify the terminology: skull-fuck, ” Is this the same as face; or throat-fuck”,
admittedly, turned on as we spoke. she replied “…liken to bury in the back of the a girl’s throat..”

Though I’m no prude but I can feel myself engorged, “Ah-huh”.

She apologized her visceral images were giving me a hard-on, undeniably she too was turned-on by her recollection
of her last encounter with boyfriend on the weekend.

“well, Pierre… thanks for listening…I’ll need to take the edge off later myself… before I see Jack on
the weekend…”, smirked Renee with a glint in her eye.

By Pierre Novaeu – copyright 2012

Present – unwrapped

A brief tidy, thoughts undusted, a surprise find under the tree of memory.

Those laces, white coordinates, wantonly matched – so pretty yet kink awaits.

This was written in February 2012, way past Christmas and kept under wraps since.  Today 18th May 2012,  I’ve decided to share it; timing purely random encouraged by a few Vodkas.  Cheers!

By Pierre

Copyright 2012@novatwitman


You know what I like:
Your face on me as I tighten the collar;
my scent, infused in your mind

By Pierre

Horrors – A re-collection, August 2011

Well, a surprise on Valentine’s day 14th February 2012;  I realized I had not publish this post, created on August 19th 2011.  Best to do so before it is forgotten.  Enjoy these series of #sixwords #HorrorHaikus:

Utter clarity, hunted reflect undiluted truth, death

Warm blood pulse, feeds lupus hunger  #werewolves #sheep

Fair maiden grimaces / as fangs paint her ghostly slender neck / ruby red  #werewolves

Shadow prowls, seek unwary: moon beams #fullmoon

Persona non grata: transient translupification entity

Moon lit night, uneasy silhouette hides

Blurred visions, marrow aches, mind throbs #fullmoon

Thoughts freeze memories, black and white #trauma

#Sixofsix : ~finis~


Another #Sixofsix. #werewolves :

One stalking another, I am watching

You are like me, we stalk

Solitary quarry, dappled shadows: many hunger

A solitary stone awaits the bite

Quarry growls: serendipity smiles another kin

Full moon, judgement day, complicated shadows

You are my kind of hunger

By Pierre

Smile of Kindness

Waltz. dance of Enchantment.
Each whirl and breath; reveals more motes
of secrets.

Tentative; the next pivot,
unveils his nurture she seeks.
Oblivious to all;
except his smile of kindness and humanity.

By Pierre


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